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    TMuckle, ‘The Treatise … … head, produced Latin versions of the Commentaries of Avicenna, and Ghazālī, of the Fons Vitae of Avicebron, and of several Aristotelian treatisesJLaumakis … 72… in Saragossa, Ibn Gabirol devoted much of his life to the pursuit of wisdom (philosophy), in which he found solace from his serious physical ailments and his squabbles with wealthy patrons and town … … work by Ibn Gabirol that had been translated by the thirteenth-century Jewish writer Shem Tob FalaqeraCGundissalinus, De anima, edThe Font of Life (Fons vitae) / by Solomon ibn Gabirol (Avicebron), translated from the Latin with an introduction by John AGuide to the Perplexed and Fountain of Life were studied by Christian philosopher … Solomon ibn Gabirol, Fons vitae, ed


    Baeumker, Beiträge zur Geschichte der Philosophie und Theologie des Mittelalters I/2-4 (1892-1895)The work bore a suspicious resemblance to sections of Fons Vitae (The Fountain of Life), a Latin … 51The working translators were converted Jews, the … nel Fons vitae di ibn Gabirol 259; Luciana Pepi: La "scienza divina" nel pensiero di Ja'aqov Anatoli 273; Amos Bertolacci: Ammonius and al-Farabi: the sources of Avicenna's concept of metaphysics 287 … … Solomon Ibn Gabirol’s classic Neo-Platonist work – Fountain of Life (Latin - Fons Vitae, Hebrew - Mekor Haiim)





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